A long overdue return…

I left the blogging world almost three years ago, when some massive changes in my work life meant I didn’t have the time to do enough of the things I liked to share in the blogosphere – baking and crafting. Three years on, I’m as busy as ever – teaching is not a career that leaves you much time to yourself, now more then ever – but I’ve increasingly realised the value of those activities in my life. No matter how little free time I have, no matter how much marking is waiting or data needs updating, I have learned that a few minutes working on a crochet project or mixing up a sourdough loaf are essential to my mental and physical health. A return to blogging here seems a good way to remind myself of that, and I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things! I am in the process of updating and refreshing the site, so please bear with me…

Here in the UK we are in the first glorious weeks of the summer holidays, and I’m relishing the chance to enjoy myself without feeling guilty – hurray for summer! I’ll leave you with some snapshots of the past few days…

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